This Valentine's Day, give a sexy an lovely bundle to your partner !

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    Are you looking for the naughtiest evening? With this gift basket, pre...
  • Regular Price: CA$58.69

    Special Price CA$49.89

    Ooh La La

    This Valentines day (and many other days of the year), the products in...
  • Regular Price: CA$71.77

    Special Price CA$61.01

    Daring Dessert

    For St-Valentines, savour one of the best desserts there is: your part...
  • Regular Price: CA$74.65

    Special Price CA$63.45

    Exquisite Pleasure

    Pleasure will have never came so easily thanks to this gift basket. Fo...
  • Regular Price: CA$75.81

    Special Price CA$64.44

    Aphrodisiac Adventures

    With this gift basket, St-Valentines will be filled with aphrodisiac a...
  • Regular Price: CA$85.64

    Special Price CA$72.79

    I Have A Proposition…

    St-Valentine’s day is the perfect moment of the year to offer yo...
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    Do you want to offer a divine gift basket? It’s possible when yo...
  • Regular Price: CA$103.61

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    Succumb to the temptation of pleasure by offering this magnificent gif...
  • Regular Price: CA$107.76

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    Are you going out for supper for St-Valentine? Before you leave, offer...
  • Regular Price: CA$110.70

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    Do you think your partner deserves to have a sexy evening? After you g...
  • Regular Price: CA$111.66

    Special Price CA$94.91


    Is a passion filled night planned for the 14th? This gift basket will ...
  • Regular Price: CA$116.65

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    What better way to show the love you have for your beloved one than th...

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