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About Seduction


Boutique Seduction has as its primary purpose your sexual health and well-being. We believe that everyone has the right to live their sexuality according to their desires and their limits. You will be listened to and advised with attention, respect and seriousness. No judgment is made or conveyed as to the various sexual practices; whether conservative or adventurous. You are here in a place of respect where you can shop safely.

Boutique Séduction aims to promote a healthy and satisfying sexuality through quality advice and products.

Our vision

Boutique Seduction is the trusted reference in the field of intimate pleasures and sexual well-being.

Our values


- Quality of advice and products offered


- Understanding of needs, natural embarrassment and desires


- Playful attitude, fun and well-being

Our personnality


- Sales advisers listen and treat each customer seriously


- Conception of a fulfilling sexuality, source of pleasure


- The organization knows how to meet the expectations of any type of customer

Our promise


We are complicit in your pleasures and discoveries, whether it is through our advice or our products. By respecting our values, we create connivance with you so that you feel completely comfortable in experiencing a healthy and exhilarating sexuality.


Boutique Seduction is a 2nd generation family business. Started more than 40 years ago, the adventure continues now with Edith Arsenault and her brother Julien. Together, they work to provide a network of specialty shops and trendy home brands.

The founding owner, Claude Perron, has gradually withdrawn in recent years, but he is still present in the company, acting as a consultant. Because of his love of the company, Mr Perron is constantly involved in some way or another in various projects, even now.

Boutique Seduction was born in a social context where sexuality did not have the right to be in the public square. Today, the chain continues to grow and provides several improvements from a technological, aesthetic or ecological standpoint.