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Boutique Séduction

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Shake up your routine

1-Play2-Walk3-Sexual tonic



Why not try one of our famous table games? Have fun with your partner while you will embrace sensuality and pleasure at the same time. For the most imaginative of you, invent your own version of Sexy Monopoly or Strip Scrabble!




Leave your house and have a romantic walk! Use this moment to get closer your partner by telling him your greatest fantasies…



3-Sexual tonic

Use sexual tonics to help you increase your libido and your pleasure. Who doesn’t dream about more intense orgasms?


4-Nature5-Sensual relaxation6-Inflamed kisses


Have fun and try sex in nature to find your outdoor haven. 



5-Sensual relaxation
Spas are the ideal place to relax and recharge your energy for a wild night! Enjoy this moment to get closer your partner and do foreplay!



6-Inflamed kisses
Enhance the pleasure of oral sex by using a warming and edible lotion or a stimulating gel to intensify your pleasure.


7-Submission8-Prohibited territories 9-Delectable foreplay
Submit to your partner by giving him control during foreplay: let yourself handcuffed, wear a mask over your eyes and let yourself go completely. You will be asking for more!
  1. Prohibited territories
    Dare to make love in places where someone might see you : in the elevator, in fitting rooms, in the car…The adrenaline will raise and you will feel much more desire!
  1. Delectable foreplay
    Take your time during foreplay to raise the desire of your partner. Don’t stop until he/he doesn’t bet you to top!
10-Oh sweet vibration
10-Oh sweet vibration
A new world of sensations awaits you : visit us in store or shop on our website to buy an intimate accessory. Try vibration and have fun discovering all the sensitive areas of your body to feel ecstasy. 
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