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Ha the famous G-spot! Did you know : one of the best ways to stimulate it is to use a vibrator designed for this, because their curves are ideal for an easy reach of the G-spot. Intense orgasms await you!

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  • CA$79.99

    Adore U Lena

    Discover its heavenly double stimulation external and internal tips sp...
  • CA$139.99

    Adore U Kira

    Trying Kira will hands down get you closer to achieving a very intense...
  • CA$129.95

    Adore U Glam - Lola

    Description Functional and aesthetic, Adore U Glam LOLA is a powerful...
  • CA$119.95

    Adore U Glam - Tara

    Compact, functional and aesthetic, Adore U Tara is a powerful vibrator...
  • CA$149.99

    Light 4 Me Sweetie

    Sweetie promotes increased g-spot and clitoral stimulation thanks to i...
  • CA$169.99

    Light 4 Me Darling

    In terms of orgasms, Darling stands out above the rest! The two vibrat...
  • CA$69.99


    Dildo is an advanced vibrator with elegant shape and ergonomics design...
  • CA$139.95

    Light 4 Me Treasure

    Treasure allows you to succumb to the G-spot and prostate stimulation ...
  • CA$39.95

    Floravi - Dahlia G-Spot Massager

    Dahlia provides a sensational pleasure with its soft texture and curve...
  • CA$119.95

    Adore U - Lara

    The ribs of the vibrating tips gently caress the G-Spot and the clitor...
  • CA$69.95

    Adore U - Kayla

    The Adore U Kayla is designed to stimulate the G-spot with its perfect...
  • CA$69.95

    Adore U - Alexa

    The Adore U Alexa vibrator is designed to stimulate the G-spot with it...
  • CA$79.95

    Adore U - Talia

    The Adore U Talia vibrator is designed to stimulate the G-spot with it...
  • CA$89.95

    Adore U - Bella

    The Adore U Bella vibrator is designed to stimulate the G-spot and the...
  • CA$69.99

    Adore U Mila

    Mila is the vibrator excellently designed to help stimulate your g-spo...
  • CA$119.99

    Fun Factory - Abby G

    All the freedom of a battery toy, without sacrificing power! ABBY G, f...
  • CA$119.99

    Fun Factory - Mr Boss

    We've fixed all of the disadvantages of battery toys, kept the advanta...
  • CA$119.99

    Fun Factory - Darling Devil

    Have a sinfully good time with the DARLING DEVIL! Part of our BATTERY+...
  • CA$119.99

    Fun Factory - Diva Dolphin

    We've taken a classic FUN FACTORY shape and revamped it with our groun...
  • CA$119.99

    Fun Factory - Wicked Wings

    FUN FACTORY's patented new technology is about to change your sex life...
  • CA$99.99

    Dorr - Silker

    Silker is crafted with silk smooth finish and its shape stimulate the ...
  • CA$169.99

    Jack Rabbit Signature Silicone Beaded Rabbit

    Elegantly designed for the ultimate in gratification. Revel in the lux...
  • CA$49.99

    Aria - Hue G

    Hue G's sleek sexy shape was created for intense G-spot stimulation. H...
  • CA$69.99

    Aria - Lotus Flutter

    Lotus Flutter's dual stimulation massager is sure to excite you! Its f...
  • CA$79.99

    Aria - Vivacious

    Feel Vivacious with this sexy vibe! Vivacious long soft shaft delivers...
  • CA$129.99

    Hop - Jessica Rabbit

    Rabbit vibrators get a major upgrade with Hop's Jessica Rabbit. The Je...
  • CA$119.99

    Hop - Trix

    Rabbit vibrators get a major upgrade with Hop's Trix Rabbit. The Trix ...

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