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Shunga products are 100% manufactured in Canada. They are popular because they allow people to explore new sensations.

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  • CA$16.99

    Toko Flavored Lube 165ml

    TOKO Aroma is a lubricant with absolutely no aftertaste. TOKO Aroma ha...
  • CA$21.99

    Sensation Balm

    Use this balm's desensitizing effect to momentarily control the level ...
  • CA$19.99

    Bath and Shower Gel

    An evening of loving caresses in the shower or bath can only be enhanc...
  • CA$21.99

    Shunga - Massage Candle

    This soy based candle can be used both as an ambiance candle and intim...
  • CA$24.99

    Erotic Massage Oil 250 ml

    This 100% natural oil with intoxicating fragrances glides easily and s...
  • CA$19.99

    Shunga - LoveBath

    Inspired by the sensual ritual of Japanese « Love Baths » where erotis...
  • CA$5.99

    Shunga - Moonlight Bath

    Moonlight Bath is made of Dead Sea salts that enhances each bathing ex...
  • CA$14.99

    Toko Aqua

    Toko is exclusively formulated to emulate natural lubrication and faci...
  • CA$24.99

    Toko Silicone - 165 ml / 5.5 oz

    Revolutionary! Its sumptuous velvety touch will amaze you? Its never-e...

24 Item(s)

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