Frequently asked questions

Commande et Livraison

  • If your parcel is sent back to the expeditor, we will contact you to advise you of the situation.

    There is a strong possiblity that the shipping adress contains an error. Verify in your account that the shipping information is correct and up-to-date. If there is a mistake in your address, modify it in your account.

    If your order was checked out "As a Guest", we will contact you to advise you of the situation and update the address with the new information you provide us.

    In the case of an unclaimed parcel, $10 shipping fees will be applicable.

  • Same-day delivery is offered to the Greater Montreal area for orders made before 11:45 AM. The same-day delivery option disappears and becomes unavailable for orders made at 11:45 AM EST or later. Any order made at 11:45 AM EST or later will be sent through standard or express delivery methods, depending on the option you wish to go with. The fee is $15.

    Same-day delivery is available Monday through Friday (excluding Holidays) for eligible postal codes. The option will appear at checkout only if it is available for the specified postal code.

    New eligible areas for same-day delivery will be announced in the upcoming months. Stay updated by subscribing to our newsletter.

  • As of now, shipping is only offered to adresses located in Canada. You can select options such as home delivery or at the post office.

    A daily pickup is made by Canada Post so that your purchases are sent to you as quickly as possible.

  • Yes, for an additional fee of $10, express shipping (2 business days) is available in Canada with Purolator.

    Purolator may not deliver in some areas. If this is the case in your area, your order will be delivered by Canada Post.

  • Standard shipping (5 to 7 business days) is offered for free with a minimum order of $50.

    A fixed rate of $7 is charged for any order under $50.

    Additional costs may be applicable for express shipping.

  • Simply put in the address you want the order sent to in the 'Shipping Address' section and the billing address in the 'Payment Method' section.

    Please take note that you billing address must always be the same as the one on your payment card, regardless of your shipping address.


  • Unfortunately, it is impossible to place a unique order with two or more different destinations. If you wish to place an order with multiple items shipped to different addresses, you must place separate orders.

  • Payments with multiple methods or instalments are not available online. To split a bill across multiple payment methods, you must purchase the item directly in store. Also, the payment must be made in its entierty to acquire the item, so it is impossible to arrange a financing plan for you payments.

  • Once the order has been confirmed, you have a short delay to contact us and modify your order. Parcels leave the warehouse at 2 p.m., Monday through Friday. Contact us to confirm if your order has already been shipped or if modifications are still possible.

    It is possible that order processing may take longer depending on the specifications of the order or the volume of orders during specific seasons.

  • First of all, do no open the item's packaging. An item with an open packaging will not be taken back. Contact us as quickly as possible to let us know of the situation and we will make arrangements with you.

  • If, by misfortune, the item you ordered is out of stock, we will contact you to make arrangements.

  • If you have an issue that demands special attention, contact us directly by email at [email protected] or by phone at 450-490-6969 and ask web costumer service.

  • All of our parcels are shipped in a neutral box, without logo or company name. It is thus impossible to identify the parcel's origin (other than the address) or its content.

  • You have 7 days to contact us if you deem your item defective. We will then guide you to ensure that the item is in fact defective. Several vibrating products have a locking system to prevent unintentional activation. We will need to ensure that it is not is activated. In the case of an actual defect, we will discuss the available options to exchange your product.

  • In general, the delay from your order confirmation to the reception of your parcel is 4 to 6 days.

    Naturally, delays vary considerably depending on a multitude of factors that are out of our control.

    You can track your order by clicking here.

  • You can track your order by following the link available in your order confirmation email or by clicking here.

  • Contact us and we will start an inquiry with Canada Post. We will help you with the process depending on the situation.

  • Yes! The pick-up in store option is available for free in all of our stores, except for our Toronto store.

    To select this option, select Store Delivery and the location where you want to pick up your order.

  • It is possible to have your parcel sent directly to the post office. To do so, you must subscribe online prior to ordering and when completeing the order, select 'at post office' as a delivery location .This will allow you to use the post office you subscribed to as a delivery address.

Online purchasing

  • You can make an online purchase as a guest, meaning you do not need to save your personal information in our database. However, as stated by the Consumer Protection Bureau, it is necessary for us to gather minmum information such as your name, postal address as well as a valid payment card to complete your request. Rest assured that our clients' identities remain confidential, online as well as in store, according to the Law on personal data protection.

  • To pay with a prepaid credit card, the total anount of your bill must be inferior to your card's total balance. For example, for a total amount equal or inferior to $150 including taxes, you will need a prepaid card of at least $150.

    If the transaction total is $150,01 it will not be approved because of insufficient funds.

  • Promotions are often similar in store and online. However, there are regularly exclusive online promotions or discounts offered in store only. Thus, it is possible to find different discounts on both platforms.

  • Unless otherwise indicated, promotions always exclude We-Vibe, Womanizer, Plaisir Mystère, the Caroline collection, discounted products and Gift Cards.

  • Unfortunately, we do not adjust prices on previous purchases. However, if the price seems incorrect, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • For a small additional cost, it will be our pleasure to include a neutral gift wrap, with Seduction's colors.

  • Incorrect or inappropriate terms are not considered by our search engine. As a result, your search might be inconclusive if the terms used are not recognized by our system.

    Instead of typing "sex toy", try a more specific term like "vibrator".

    Instead of "plastic dick", try "dildo".

  • For hygienic reasons. all sales are final. However, if you encounter an issue with the product you purchased, do not hesitate to contact us (directly in store where you made your purchase or by clicking here. It will be our pleasure to assist you in your procedures and find a solution for you.

  • Multiple options are available to you when you need to make an exchange.

    Contact us first to find the option that is the most appropriate for your case.

    It is possible to exchange the item in store or by mail (delays and additonal fees might incur).

  • A physical gift card will be shipped to you once the order is processed online. As of now, this card can only be used in store. The same applies to gift cards bought directly in store. They can be used to pay for purchases right away, but not for online purchases. The system is not yet adapted for this kind of request.

  • It is not possible to make online purchase with a Séduction gift card for now. The Séduction gift card is only accepted for purchases made in a physical location. We will update our customers once our web system is adapted for such requests.

  • Séduction gift cards are usable in any of our store locations in Montreal and Laval. To find our different addresses, clicking here.

  • We are not responsible for lost or stolen cards. However, we can help you recover the remaining balance before it is too late. Use the gift card number situated on your receipt. With this number, we can confirm the balance and transfer it to a new card. If, by misfortune, your balance is empty, we cannot recover the amount lost.

  • First of all, you can verify your purchase history and trace back the purchases made with your gift card. If you spot a definite error,contact us

Fidelity card

  • Seduction offers you the opportunity to make your purchases profitable with its loyalty card.

    Indeed, each purchase converts your dollars into points and these points are returned to you in the form of discounts on your purchases. Each dollar spent gives you one (1) loyalty point.

    $1 purchase = 1 point

    Each dollar spent gives you one (1) loyalty point.

    After 50 points accumulated, you will have $ 1 discount on your future transaction.

    You can accumulate your points for as long as you like and spend your reward dollars at a pace that suits you. From an accumulation of $5, you can spend your reward dollars in increments of $2.50.

    To join the loyalty program, you must register in store. You will need to give your name, phone number and email. Points are redeemable in-store only.

    For any questions, contact us at [email protected]

  • For purchases made in the store, it is possible to accumulate fidelity points by presenting your physical card at the cash desk, by asking to activate a privilege card if you do not already have one (it's free) or by providing your account information to a salesperson to access your customer account. Then, when you are ready to use your fidelity points on a purchase, it is possible to apply their monetary value (in store only) at the cash counter . By accessing your customer account, we will be able to verify your available point total and its monetary value.

    Please take note that fidelity points cannot be used or accumulated with online purchases.

  • All fidelity points accumulated during purchases in store can be used in store only. All you need to do is provide your physical card at the cash counter or provide your information to access your customer account and find out the monetary value.

    Please take note that fidelity points cannot be used or accumulated with online purchases.

  • You cannot transfer your points to another member, per se. However, if you wish to gift your balance to someone else, we suggest you do so through a gift card purchase. You will be able to keep your fidelity card that way while treating a friend at the same time.

  • It is possible to know the total of your fidelity points accumulated on your purchases in store by asking to one of our salesperson to access your customer account. He/ She will be able to verify on the spot your available point total and its monetary value.

My account

  • You can review out privacy policy at all times by clicking here or contact us by phone at 450-490-6969, Monday through Thursday, from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. and on Friday from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. to communicate with a costumer service representative.

  • Signing up for the newsletter can be done in 3 ways:
    Online, through the subscribe section of our footer; On site, during Seduction events; In store, by participating in one of our many contests.

  • At the bottom of every newsletter email, you will find a direct link to unsubscribe to the newsletter. Otherwise, you can click here to log into your account and click on Newsletter Subscriptions in the menu on the left.